Tales from the Diaper Bag

My Favorite Baby Book

Every night we read Bambina a book before she goes to sleep and for a little baby she has quite the library.  All the classics are there “Paddington” (which, can you believe, the woman at Barnes and Noble told me might not be in print! The horror) “Goodnight Moon” and “Green Eggs and Ham.”  My favorite book, by far, is “The Bear Snores On” by Karma Wilson.  Actually, Karma Wilson has written a whole series of Bear books.  Including The Bear Wants More, The Bear Feels Scared, The Bear Feels Sick, etc.  I just LOVE these books.  The book centers on a Bear (obviously) and his posse of woodland creatures.  The plots of these books aren’t exactly the stuff of the Great American Novel (Bear eats a lot, Bear gets a cold, Bear gets lost, etc.) but the writing is stellar– Wilson uses lyrical rhyme that flows beautifully and I love her word choices.  For example:  “They tweet and they titter. They chat and they chitter.” OR “With a flap and a flurry
all the friends gather near.  They give him bear hugs and they calm his bear fears
.” It’s just so much fun to read! Plus, in almost every book the Bear and his buds “pop white corn and brew black tea” and the illustrations of a badger sipping a mug of tea is too, too cute.

Then I went to the author’s website and found these adorable character summaries.  If you read these and DON’T want to read the Bear books you have a lump of coal where your hear should be.  I’ve included a couple of them below. Notice the use of old-timey words like “chap” and a view being “grand.”


Bear, the cuddly, loveable main character of the Bear books, is most well known for being a good and faithful friend. His favorite foods are berries, fish and popcorn. His friends say he is an excellent storyteller.  When he isn’t sleeping Bear enjoys playing with his woodland pals. He is also an excellent swimmer, and loves taking a dip on a hot, summer day. Bear lives in the deep, dark woods and he makes his home in a cozy lair.


Mouse is the smallest character in the bear books, but he has one of the biggest hearts.  He is said to be an excellent cook. He enjoys black tea, especially when shared with friends. His favorite spot in the world is riding on top of Bear’s back, where he says the view is grand.  Mouse lives in a small hole at the base of a large Tamarack tree next to Strawberry Vale.


Badger lives not far from Bear.  He is a kindhearted, loveable chap. He is known to be generous and enjoys sharing, especially honey nuts. Badger is also an avid fisherman and his favorite fishing spot is at “Ol’ Fishin’ Hole”. Badger lives in his own cozy den across the stream and three trees down from Bear’s lair.


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  1. * Karma Wilson says:

    Hi. Thanks for your kind words! I am so honored.

    Please email me and maybe we can do a signed book giveaway for your blog.


    | Reply Posted 9 years, 7 months ago

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