Tales from the Diaper Bag

Helloooooo Strangers!

Well, I’ve neglected the blog. It’s true. Sorry, folks. The last few months have been a blur. Sleep training, daycare, going back to work. . . It’s been crazy. Lovely, but crazy. Finally, a friend told me that I needed to get off my bum and update the blog.  So, Margaret here ya go! 🙂

I went back to work last month and so far, so good.  When I went back, I made an agreement to go back part-time. So, I work four days a week, which gives a nice long weekend with the baby.  A four day week works out great for me because it gives me enough time in the office to do my job (that’s pretty key) and lets me spend enough time with la bambina so I’m not missing out on watching her grow.

Daycare is also working out well.  We got into our first-choice daycare center and I LOVE everything about the place. The daycare providers love her to pieces. She loves them so much, I’m almost jealous. The facility is also fabulous. Lots of toys. Lots of green space for the kids to play (it’ll matter soon, if not right now).  My favorite thing, however, has to be these adorable little reports that I get about our baby’s day.  Usually these reports include mundane information about her naps, when she ate her bottles, etc.  Sometimes, however, I’ll get a little note about something so silly that I laugh out loud. An example– “Today la bambina created her first art project. She was assisted in gluing cornflakes and Cheerios to a piece of construction paper.”  These two sentences raised a million and one questions in my mind. Why would you want to glue breakfast cereal to construction paper?  Can that possibly look artistic? (I’ve since answered that.  No. No it cannot.)  She was assisted in gluing something? What exactly could her role have possibly been?  Another example from last week: “La bambina used a carnation as a paint brush to to create a painting.”  My 4 month old. Using a carnation. As a paint brush.  Huh.

Seriously, I laugh so hard when I read these notes, it brings tears to my eyes. Who is designing these  projects? No one in the infant room is older than 15 months old.  Are any of the babies fully able to participate in these crazy arts and crafts sessions? What’s next? Baskets woven with pasta noodles?  Edible pottery created from fondant? (Why not? If my 4 month old can paint (with a piece of vegetation, no less), I bet when she’s 8 mo. old she’ll roll out some sweet looking fondant.  Apparently, she’s an artistic prodigy.)

Anyhow, that’s it for now. I promise to try to be better about updating the blog.  In the meantime, here’s a picture of the little lady.

Chilling in the exersaucer.

Chilling in the exersaucer.


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