Tales from the Diaper Bag

3 Months Old!


This month the Post. Next month: Tolstoy.

Reading the Post and looking a little Andy Rooney.


Ah yes. 3 months old.  Finally. We made it. I didn’t lose my mind. Or my hair. This is the milestone that I had set for myself in the early days of motherhood when I couldn’t tell if I was doing a good job–when I couldn’t tell if my girl even liked me.  Everyone tells you when you have a baby that things really start to get interesting around 3 months.  Not that the baptism by fire that was the first two months wasn’t. . .ummmm. . interesting, but I have to agree that the 3 month mark has, in fact, been the start of all sorts of things. This past week has been amazing. Some developments have been weird– for example, she constantly pulls her own hair. I mean, really pulls her hair. She’ll grab a big ‘ol handfull and she’ll tug so hard I’m afraid she’s going to make herself bald. 


That's my girl. Already stressed out enough to have a tic.

That's my girl. Already stressed out enough to have a nervous tic.



On a less disturbing note, our girl grins constantly now–wherease only a few short weeks ago I had to do everything but juggle to get that girl to crack a smile.  Best of all though is that she’s started laughing. . .which pretty much makes my entire day.  She has an adorable belly laugh which is surprisingly loud– far louder than her coos.  It’s just the best sound ever.  It’s led me to do some ridiculous things in pursuit of a laugh.  I sing and dance like I’m in a caberet. I talk in funny accents (which all sound French– what can I say, it’s the only accent I can do.) and I can’t be trusted to go the store without buying a toy that she might like.  Alas, she hasn’t so much mastered the whole laughing = funny equation.  She’ll smile and make a cute little cough when I make funny faces or show her a toy but I haven’t gotten the big pay off– the full laugh.  Thus far she laughs whenever the spirit strikes her and in response to nothing. Yesterday she laughed and laughed when I pulled the shower curtain aside to run her a bath.  This morning at 4:45 AM she chuckled as I tried to rock her to sleep.  The t.v. repair man made her laugh when he turned on his power drill. Weird.  Eventually she’ll get it.  .  . in the meantime, I’m making a fool of myself going for the big laugh.  So much for being the cool mom.


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  1. * Margaret says:

    Happy Birthday, bambina! I can’t believe how big she’s gotten. And clearly the laughing is a response to your inherent hilarity. Also, I must hear this French accent!

    | Reply Posted 10 years ago

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