Tales from the Diaper Bag

Warm Weather. . .Yay. . Sleep Training. . Boo!

Unseasonably warm weather has let me bust the baby out of our condo for a couple of good long walks.  The weather was fabulous (I wore sandals!) and I was jazzed to get the baby some fresh air and sunshine (with a good SPF and a sunscreen, that is).  I am sooooo looking forward to Spring (real Spring. Not cold, rainy might-as-well-be-Winter March).

In less cheery news, we’re starting to work on the baby’s sleep training.  Nothing extreme, just getting her to sleep in her crib for longer stretches. Before this week, we fed her at 6, 9 and midnight and since my husband was doing to midnight feeding, he kept our snoozing baby in the bouncy seat in our living room until she was ready to eat. The problem was that as our baby got to be a better sleeper, she didn’t want to get up for the midnight feeding. So it became the 1 AM feeding. Then the 2:15 feeding.  Awesome that she was sleeping. Not so awesome that the hubby (who had to be at work in the morning) was napping on the couch waiting for the baby to wake up.

So this week we decided to give the baby her 9 pm feeding in her nursery and then put her in the crib to wake up when she wakes up.  That way my husband and I get some sleep (in our bed) and the baby gets used to sleeping the whole night in her crib, rather than just from 1-6 AM.  Last night we implemented our plan full of hopes and dreams of a good night’s sleep.  Then at 3:30 in the morning the baby woke up.  The horror. The horror. . .

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been up at that time with her and was beyond groggy. I was Zombie Mommy. What’s worse, when she woke up at 3:30 she wasn’t just hungry.  She was angry. Very angry. It was as though my baby had turned into the Incredible Hulk, she was that full of rage and wrath. . .and she stayed that way until about 6:30 in the morning.  Big kudos to my husband who ultimately took the bullet and walked her around until she fell asleep. Much to the relief of our neighbors. I imagine.

She's smiling because she made your eardrums bleed.

She's smiling because she made your eardrums bleed.

I have no idea what tonight holds for us.  I shudder to think.


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