Tales from the Diaper Bag

Last Weekend Before Moving to the Parenthood

This upcoming weekend is my last weekend before the baby gets here!  Since I know  sleep will be in short supply once she’s here, I’ll be logging lots of snooze time and sleeping past 8 am.  I also want to do other things that will be tougher to do with a wee baby in tow.  Here’s what I have so far:

1.  Eat out at a couple of restaurants- I don’t actually think this is impossible to do with a baby, but it’s tougher.

2.  Go to an R-rated movie- Again, not impossible to do- I could always hire a baby sitter- but I can’t imagine leaving my baby alone with a teenager, which is weird because I watched young babies when I was a teen.  That said, I honestly don’t know what the parents were thinking in hiring me. What did I know about what to do in case of a fire? Or a freak black-out? Or if the baby ate lead-based paint?  They were nuts!  I know, I know.  at some point the paranoia will fade and I’ll find a baby-sitter I trust, but it’s going to be a little while and it’ll be plain ‘ol Netflix until then.

3.  Buy a really great pair of post-baby shoes- This one is inspired by the woman in my office who came back from maternity leave and has worn fabulous shoes every day I’ve seen her.  After months of flats, I am ready to re-enter the world of cute high-heel shoes in bright colors. Soon, DSW. Very soon.

I figure that other ideas will come to me over the next couple of days. Plus, I’m sure the Husband has a few things he’d like to do– like watch hours of playoff football without interruption– which will also occupy my hours. It isn’t going to be anything special– it’s going to be a pretty boring, normal weekend.  . . but it’ll be the end of “normal” weekends as we know them before we kick off a lifetime of parenthood. Crazy.


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