Tales from the Diaper Bag

Baby Showers!



This past weekend I had not one, but two baby showers.  It was a baby-tastic weekend. Lots of friends, food and uber-adorable baby gifts. It was also weirdly exhausting. I think I’ve underestimated how much of the weekend I spend sleeping since I’ve gotten pregnant.  If you asked me before this weekend, I would have told you that I “sometimes” take a nap on Saturdays.  After this weekend, I realize that I’m at my most chipper when I go to bed early, sleep late and take at least an hour nap a day on the weekends. So yeah, I spend more time asleep than awake. Like an old woman. Or (ironically) a newborn.  Plus side: Me and baby already have something in common!

 That aside, both showers were really great– I’m lucky to have such incredible friends who love me enough to play crazy baby-themed games and paint onesies with fabric paint. Some of the highlights of the showers:

1.  I love pink: Ok, so I don’t like wearing it and being pregnant hasn’t changed that, but tiny pink shoes, hats and socks. . . who CAN’T love that?  La bambina now has a wee pink hoodie, a pink flower top and a pink fuzzy bear jumper and when I put her in them, she’s going to be adorable! Also, since I’m firmly opposed to putting those weird headbands on baby girls, all that pink will also make it easy for the general public to know that my daughter is well, my daughter (and not my son).  

2. Many of my friends are super crafty:  Several of my friends (or their moms) crocheted blankets for the baby. One of my friends made me a three-tier diaper cake incorporating toys and bottles. Several of my friends made adorable onesies for la bambina. Who knew that my friends–normal women on the weekdays–became Martha Stewarts on the weekends?

3.  I make weirdo facial expressions when I open gifts:  At my second shower a friend took pictures of me opening gifts. . . .and I wish she hadn’t.  I hoped to look like a happy, glowing pregnant lady opening lovely gifts. I actually looked like  Jim Carey circa Ace Ventura- Pet Detective. Seriously cartoonish. When I was surprised at a gift, my mouth dropped open and my eyebrows shot up. When I was happy I looked out-of-proportion happy. I actually have a picture of me hugging a gift like it was a long-lost relative. Kind of embarassing.

4.  I am ready to have (as in “have as a member of the family” not have as in “give birth to”) this baby!:  Aside from being big and uncomfortable (physically exhausting + looking like a hippo = awesome), I am very anxious to put all the clothes, toys and baby accessories to good use with the wee little person. 🙂


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  1. * victoria says:

    ok, so you know i would never trap bk with such a large bow headband, but you are just in denial about how cute those baby headbands are. and how i will certainly be saddling your child with one.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 6 months ago

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