Tales from the Diaper Bag

TFTDB’s Favorite Things

Argh! I haven’t gotten my Christmas shopping done and it’s starting to freak me out, seeing as how it is December 4th– only a handful of shopping days left!  I could blame it all on me being pregnant– and certainly I haven’t wanted to rush out to the malls to try out my ridiculous, lumbering pregnancy waddle in public–but mostly, the month of December just snuck up on me.  I’ve been busy at work and logging all kinds of hours at doctors’ offices. More pleasantly, my husband and I have had unusually busy weekends since October. Put that all together and you have two people scrambling to buy appropriate gifts for their loved ones.

I haven’t found “the gift” for a lot of people on my list, but I have found several awesome gifts that don’t really suit anyone I know. . .but a la Oprah, I offer them up as my “favorite things” for your consideration:

The Marshmallow Shooting Cross Bow– They also make marshmallow shooting guns, but why give up on the classic cross bow? It was good enough for Robin Hood. It’s good enough us.

Pomogranate Bonsai–  But if you like pomogranates, aren’t you going to be annoyed that you can only grow one as big as a thimble? I would.

Three Months of Artisanal Cheese– Indeed, one month is not enough. And if you REALLY love your cheese, you can watch a video about how your cheese is made. Good to be an informed buyer.

24k Gold Eyelash Curler– For that lucky lady out there whose significant other has gotten her soooo much jewelery over the years that there’s literally no bling left to be had– except for an eyelash curler. 

Widescreen Video Glasses– Forget the novelty of watching ipod video in widescreen. The beauty of these babies is that you’ll look just like Giordi La Forge (see below). 



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