Tales from the Diaper Bag

Back from the Trenches

One month after I announced I was pregnant at work, a pregnant co-worker of mine left the office for her 8-week maternity leave.  Before she left, we talked a lot about being pregnant, maternity leave issues, and day care.  When she left to have her own little girl, I couldn’t wait for her to come back and tell me how it all went.  After all, she was having her first child–also a girl– and then returning to work while her baby went to day care.  In some ways, I was hoping to see her pull it off so that I wouldn’t be so freaked out when it was my turn to do it 6 months later.

Well, she came back to the office this week and I’m both encouraged and a little freaked out.

First the good news: She survived! The pain of childbirth and the stress of a newborn does not seem to have stripped her of her sanity or aged her beyond her years.  She’s also looking pretty fabulous–two months post-baby. She’s back in (most) of her regular clothes and wearing high-heel shoes (which I abandoned about two months ago. ::sigh::). She’s full of adorable stories (and has dozens of photos) of the first few months of having a baby at home. It really made me look forward to the time when my own baby will make her homecoming.

The bad news: She was nine days late, which resulted in a failed induction and she ended up having a C-Section. As I mentioned in a previous post- my doctor has already given me the heads up that a C-Section is on the table- so I was curious how the procedure went. When I asked her if it was as bad as people say, she looked at me and said nothing for about a half a second–and I could actually see her make up her mind to lie to me, or at least not to tell me the whole truth. “It was alright” she said. What about the recovery, I pressed. “It’s one of those things that are out of your hands.”

Ummm. . . cryptic like a fortune cookie much? Actually, I know she was just trying to not freak me out any more than my “What to Expect” book already has. She knows that if I have to have a C-Section I won’t need her horror story ringing in my head as they roll me in. . .but her silence was still pretty ominous. I probably made it worse by coming home and consulting my pregnancy books about everything that could go wrong during delivery until my husband took the books away from me to make me stop (my panic attack on the other end of the couch really disrupted his MarioKart play). 

It’s getting harder to believe that my pregnancy mantra–“It can’t be too bad; people have more than one kid”–is going to get me through without at least one or two more of these kind of freak outs. Holy crap, I’m going to have a baby in two and half months!


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