Tales from the Diaper Bag

Happy Halloween

In keeping with my theme of going to lots of events that require special outfitting, we have two costume parties to go to this year. Well, one of those costume parties was our own (so no one to blame but myself there). At first, I was super jazzed about the idea of Halloween costume– I LOVE Halloween. Always have. What’s not to love? Its the beginning of fall (a great season in our part of the country) and the holiday itself? Awesome. Scary movies, costumes, and candy. Sweet. (Literally) 

And then I hit a snag. 

There are NO good Halloween costumes out there for pregnant women! Us preggos are getting totally ripped off!

The store-bought costumes tend to be pretty lame. Inexplicably, Halloween costume-makers only accommodation to pregnancy is to make the costume bigger. So instead of being an angel. . .you’re a fat angel! Instead of being a pirate. . .you’re a fat pirate!  The effect is pretty frightful.

Oh, yeah. What lucky lady will be wearing this costume?

Oh, yeah. What lucky lady will be wearing this costume?


Or stupid.

Does this silly hat detract from my huge mid-section?

Does this silly hat detract from my huge mid-section?


So, ok. I quickly could rule out any of the store-bought costumes. So I cruised the internet for ideas for homemade costumes.  OF COURSE there would be lots of good ideas out there, right? Women have been getting pregnant forever and certainly SOME of those women had to go to a Halloween party and then post about it on the internet.  But of the women who shared their costume ideas online, many of them were, frankly, confident in their pregnant bodies in a way that I can’t boast (and which I think my own body issues and the October weather argues strongly against).

Brrrr. . .I'm cold just looking at her.

Brrrr. . .I'm cold just looking at her.


Ahhh. . .a way to showcase my huge stomach AND arms.

Ahhh. . .a way to showcase my huge stomach AND arms.


Ok, this one made me chuckle--but seriously, I couldn't wear shorts and belly-baring shirt all night. . .before or after the pregnancy.

This made my chuckle- but I just don't have the self-esteem for the shorts.


So anyhow, confronted with these choices– I went as a generic “actress trying to cover up her real-life pregnancy” to our Halloween party (which had a television character theme).  I thought I was being clever and making the best of scant costume options. In reality, I just looked like me wearing a trench coat carrying a bowl of chips and as a friend of ours said, it looked like I just went as “pregnant me” for Halloween. Frankly, with all the candy and cupcakes I shoved in my mouth during that party I could have just told people I was going as a “Biggest Loser” contestant. . .pre-show. Still,  not so festive.

For the next party, my husband did a little research and came up with Juno.  Not that current. Not that original. But, alas, it was all we could come up with. So I hit the clearance rack at Target (to get the skirt and stripped shirt Juno is wearing in the movie poster) and I borrowed a hoodie. Plus side: I can channel all the pregnancy-induced snarkiness I want and it’s all just in keeping with the character.


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  1. * rtmsf says:

    What’s wrong with the jorts? They seemed to suit your hubby. 🙂

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 12 months ago
  2. * Margaret says:

    Juno is a great idea! Do you have any pics of you in the costume?

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 11 months ago

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