Tales from the Diaper Bag

Things That Are Great About Being Pregnant

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m the first of my close friends to get pregnant. What’s been surprising about my non-preggo friends is how horrified they now are of pregnancy. . .apparently because of me. Now, this is a little shocking to me because my pregnancy has been relatively hassle-free. I have a sneaking suspicion that it could be because of they very verbal way in which I express my stress about the pregnancy (sometimes on this very blog). . . you know. Could be.

So, anyway–I feel bad about that, and so to counteract all the negativity that I’ve been putting out there about pregnancy I bring you my personal list of why pregnancy ain’t so bad:

1.  You “Glow”:  Or you don’t. You’ll never know if you really are glowing, and frankly, it won’t really matter. The fact of the matter is, everyone you meet tells you that you glow, and after a while–when the drudgery of pregnancy gets you down–you will come to really appreciate those comments. It isn’t just that you glow. People tell you how happy and perky you seem. They tell you how great your hair looks. They tell you how much they love your maternity top. It may be true.  It probably isn’t. You’re probably just a big ‘ol swollen version of your old self. . . but you’ll never get as many compliments as you’ll get when you’re pregnant. . .unless you win the lottery. That’s pretty great.

2. You Have an Excuse to Wear Comfy Clothes and Shoes:  If your office is like mine, you have two dress codes. . . the official one and the unofficial one. The official one says that you can’t wear jeans or sweat pants to work and alas, pregnancy doesn’t get you out of that one. The unofficial dress code says that you need to have a cute and varied wardrobe to keep up with the unspoken (usually friendly) competition amongst the women in the office– which means wearing clothes that are more pretty than practical and shoes that more trendy than roomy. So what if those heels make your back ache? They complete the outfit, girl! Oh, but when you’re pregnant– you can wear boring, practical flats every single day and nobody expects any different! After all, you’re pregnant! You can implement an unvaried rotation of the same five work outfits Monday through Friday and no one notices. . .they are way too distracted by your Budda-belly to keep track of your sense of style. Oh, and if you actually do maintain a hip and varied wardrobe, people act as though you’re a fashion goddess: “You look cute and trendy while pregnant? How is possible?” people will wonder. . .and you’ll feel like Heidi Klum.  

3. Your husband has never been such a gentleman: I am really lucky that my husband was pretty great even before I was pregnant.  Still, if I had woken up in the morning pre-baby and asked for a massage because my back ached I’d be a widow right now– because he would have died laughing. But since I’ve gotten pregnant–why, a girl could get used to this! He’s offered (GASP!  Without being asked) to massage my aching back.  He never lets me carry anything heavier than my purse. I haven’t had to bend over to open a drawer/pick something up in months. When I’m thirsty and/or hungry, he’s in the kitchen getting it before I can blink– it’s been awesome. My husband is the man.

4. You get to pick out baby names!  If you’re like most girls, you’ve been naming things since you were a baby. . .for your dolls, Barbies and even your pets. If you thought that was fun, you have no idea how much fun it is to pick baby names! That said, with great power comes great responsibility and some women have abused the power. Ex.: All those people who named their kid Espn (after the cable network– SUPER LAME)-but for those of you who aren’t certifiably insane, it’s a blast! P.S. I recommend The Baby Name Wizard. It’s great. Check it out.

5. Your hair and nails look great:  Thanks to prenatal vitamins, your hair and nails look fabulous during pregnancy. How fabulous? Your hair is as full and shiny as a model in a Panteen commercial. Your could break rocks with your nails and still keep gorgeously coiffed digits. It’s pretty great. Now, I’ve heard that not all women get this little perk– some women actually lose hair during pregnancy–everyone is different, blah, blah, blah.  Still, this is MY list. . .and for me the hair and nails are a definite plus.

6. You get nine months to mentally prepare to be a mom:  In all seriousness, this is the biggest perk of pregnancy. Every pound I gain and every ache I feel reminds me of the HUGE change that’s only months away. If a stork just showed up at my door with a baby–initially I’d be pretty psyched to avoid that whole labor/delivery thing– but then I’d totally freak out. Parenthood = Big time responsibility.  I think I need these nine months–and the daily physical symptoms–to get my game face on and be (hopefully?) ready to start raising a little person. 

Pregnancy is Thumbs Up.




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