Tales from the Diaper Bag


Yesterday we got home from our babymoon (my husband, btw, HATES that term. He thinks it’s too-cutesy and refers to the trip as just the “weekend trip.”).  We picked a place that was only two hours away– I’m still pretty comfortable traveling but I didn’t really want to brave the world of air travel again and we’re lucky to live in a state that is within driving distance to a lot of beautiful places so we hit the road to spend the weekend at a mountain resort. 

The trip was fabulous– the resort was very nice and the area was beautiful–but I think my husband and I had very different expectations for the babymoon. While I wanted to get out of the city and spend some time in a bucolic setting, what I REALLY wanted a relaxing weekend spent sleeping, reading and, well, sleeping some more. My husband (who may just believe that he is Survivor Man) wanted to go whitewater rafting and then hike up K-2. So yeah– far different expectations. Ultimately, we ended up compromising. I slept a lot and he watched a lot of football (VERY manly, even if he wasn’t engaging in the rigorous physical activity himself). We did hike at least once or twice a day. Nothing dramatic–I didn’t need carobiners or oxygen tanks– we stuck to trails marked for beginners.

That’s not to say that the hikes were easy.

Oh, boy.  I wasn’t exactly training for the Iron Man before the pregnancy– but I was pretty active and I could certainly have done the basic hiking we did this weekend without breaking a sweat (literally). This weekend, however, even the most modest incline made me gasp and gulp for air. My muscles cramped. I felt like I was dying.  At one point, I looked heavenward and prayed that a bench would miraculously appear for me to sit on. Post-script: It didn’t. Darn nature and it’s lack of man-made conveniences.  I would have killed Bambi AND Thumper with my bare hands for a motorized scooter to take me up those hills. Oy. This pregnancy business is tough– on my body and my ego.


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  1. * Margaret says:

    I cannot BELIEVE that your compromise with husband who shall remain unnamed for privacy reasons included having to go hiking! You’re pregnant! You should be lying on the couch while he rubs your feet and fetches you bonbons! Outrageous. Sleep as much as you want, girl. You deserve it. He can go hiking and rafting by himself.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago

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