Tales from the Diaper Bag

My achin’ everything

I’ve complained about the weight gain, but mostly my pregnancy has been pretty stress free. I only had morning sickness for a couple of weeks. I haven’t had bloody noses, leg cramps, crazy hair loss or any of those other weird pregnancy complications that the baby books warn may strike. (Thank God- if my husband came home to a hairless, bloody-faced fat woman screaming from the pain of a charlie-horse, he might turn around and run the other way. And let’s face it. I need someone around to change the cat litter.)

This past week, however, has been when some of the reality of pregnancy has caught up with me. I’m not sleeping as well as I used to be because my stomach has gotten so big that I wake up when I roll over. My back aches from the extra weight. And that ain’t all. My cruddy sleep patterns have given me all-day headaches and a sore neck and shoulders. The best part? I’m so paranoid about taking pain medication- ANY medication really, that I don’t even want to take the doctor-approved Tylenol. Oy.

What’s a girl to do?  Complain, mostly. That doesn’t relieve the pain so much as give me company on this miserable journey the MDs call my second trimester.  That said, today I broke down and took a Tylenol and felt better. I know, I know. . not ideal, but our vacancy for a live-in massage therapist remains unfilled and honestly- it was the Tylenol or I was going to jump off the balcony. . . and as we only live on the second floor, I’d probably just end up in even more pain.


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