Tales from the Diaper Bag

Womb with a View? Not So Much. . .

This week I had my doctor’s appointment and it was our first opportunity to find out the baby’s gender. I have never thought about NOT finding out the baby’s gender. Who needs that surprise on the day the baby’s born? I think it’ll be big enough news that day that I spawned a human being from my body.  Or that I endure that much pain without taking someone out (Sorry, hubby). Anyway, this week’s appointment was going to be our chance to end the suspense. 

Yeah, not this time.

As soon as the doctor turned the sonogram wand out the first shot we saw was of il bambino looking straight back at us. It was if il bambino was saying: “Yeah, I know you’re there. I know what you’re looking for.” He/she then proceeded to fold up like an armadillo.

Our doctor poked. Our doctor prodded. I offered to jump around and shake the baby loose (Hey, you never know). The doctor said our baby was just modest. . .but I know better.  My child has half my  husband’s DNA.  Il bambino was just being a stubborn pain in the ass.  In the end, the doctor told us that if she HAD to guess, she would say it was a girl but quote: “Don’t go buy anything pink.” Honestly, she has a 50 percent chance of being right.  But then, so did I before I went into her office that morning. Argh!

Now we have to wait 4 WEEKS until the next ultrasound. 4 WEEKS!!


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