Tales from the Diaper Bag

Who Am I?

Greetings all!

I thought that a brief introduction was probably in order, since the blog is new and all.  I’m first-time mom to be in my late 20s. I’m married and work full-time and live in the suburbs of large city.  I started the blog at the recommendation of my husband who thought I needed an outlet for my nerves ::cough::manic worries ::cough::.  Fair enough. Sometimes talking to him about the “joys” of pregnancy is a lot like explaining to a fish how a bicycle works, so this may be just the ticket!

At the very least, when I found out I was pregnant I realized that I was the first of my friends to take the plunge into pregnancy and that there was no one I could relate to about all the crazy/weird/scary things that happen after you see two pink lines on the pregnancy test.  So maybe this blog will let me connect with people who have already blazed that trail and maybe it’ll let me warn some of the women who will be going through this themselves in the near future.  At the very least, its going to be a wild ride into motherhood.


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