Tales from the Diaper Bag

The “Is she fat or pregnant?” phase


I have never been. . . svelt.  I’m not a chubby but I’m a tall girl with big bones (seriously- that isn’t code. I really do have a big frame) and I’m a healthy eater so pre-pregnancy I hovered somewhere between a size 8 and 10. Really, I was fine with that.  I even learned to like aspects of my figure after I stopped dressing in my college uniform of jeans and sweatshirts and learned to wear things that were a little more flattering. Now that I’m pregnant though–oy– my figure is all out of wack and suddenly I’m an angsty teenager again wondering whether the woman behind me in the grocery store line thinks my ass looks huge in my jeans.

I’m not showing yet. Again, because I’m tall and have a pretty long torso, that cute baby bump is a ways off. I am 15 weeks along, though, so there is something roughly the size of beefsteak tomato inside of me pushing my abdomen out. The result is that I look like I’ve been spending A LOT of time in the drive-through line at McDonalds. Or drinking my weight in beer at frat house keggers. Or consuming pure lard.  Essentially, I look like I’ve been doing something for the past 3 months that has resulted in a pretty pudgy mid-section and hips that can’t hold pants up.  I’ve tried to dress around it. I’ve tried to wear blazers or loose-frilly summer tops or dresses that don’t cling. . . but to no avail. I’m totally in the fat phase of the pregnancy without the benefit of actually appearing pregnant. DRATS!

My husband, and other doubtfully well-intentioned folks have told me that even though I’m not showing, this weight gain is totally no big deal because I am, in fact, pregnant and just gaining healthy weight. They say the baby bump will come and in the meantime, who cares what strangers think?  Ahem. I care. Don’t they know? Facts and rationality are useless when dealing with a hormonal woman who is having a permanent fat day.


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  1. * Anna says:

    I love that you’ve started a blog! I’ve booked marked it so i can stalk it every day 🙂

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 10 months ago

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